Quit fighting it

If getting in shape and staying that way is a constant struggle, odds are you’re doing it wrong. People who are in shape all the time either

  • Hit the genetic lottery, or …
  • Found a way to eat that they like and that works for them.

What they have in common is that they’re not spending all their time struggling with what they’re doing. And that’s the secret. “What I can stick to” is at least as important as “what works best”.

You can eat great food and get to your ideal weight:

  • Without radical changes.
  • Without feeling guilty every time you indulge.
  • And without ever counting a calorie or weighing a portion.

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Good science questions everything, not just the parts you don’t like

Doing science is hard. The stuff we already understand isn’t science any more, it’s engineering, or maybe design. If you want to do research you’ve got to ask questions that we don’t already know the answers to.

The second-biggest problem with that is that you can’t be sure when you’ve got the right answer, because you can’t just check the answer key in the back of the book.

The biggest problem is that you don’t even know the right questions to ask, because your assumptions — the things you know that aren’t so — are getting in the way.

Center for Science in the Public Interest
May 2014

CSPI: Fat Under Fire

If you’re properly cynical, whenever you hear the name of a special interest group you should always follow it up with a sarcastic, “Oh really?” Because it turns out the names that groups give themselves have more to do with what they want you to think about them than with what they actually do.

For example: The Center for Science in the Public Interest. “In the public interest? Oh really?

Photo by Kibbe Museum CC2.0

Ignore your failures

Everyone knows those parents that over-praise their kids. “Yay, Johnny used the potty!” Dude, Johnny’s nine.

But is it possible they’ve got something figured out that the rest of us don’t?

Photo by Andrew Magill

Is there anything you *won’t* do for money?

If you’re the California Dietetic Association, apparently the answer is “No”.

The CDA is the California affiliate of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, which means you don’t get to legally call yourself a “dietitian” unless you’re licensed by them. So who do you think sponsored and catered their annual convention this year?

Campfire pot

How to eat an elephant

“One bite at a time.” Yeah, that’s the answer to the joke. But what if you really try to do it?

Hmm, well first I need to get an elephant, and they don’t have those down at the grocery store … or the pet store. Then I’ve got to kill it; how do I do that without getting trampled? And what the hell kind of knife would I need to butcher the thing?!


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